February 1, 2011

elevator buttons & morning air

Some days you just want to embrace being a girl.  Here are some of my favorite girly things.

I will never turn down a big headband.  Or anything with a bow on it.
big bow headband
Taylor Swift is my favorite go-to girly iPod playlist.
And her fashion sense is the epitome of girly chic.

Taylor Swift
 Tiffany blue is one of the most recognizable colors for women everywhere.
Now, in a convenient nail polish!
Tiffany blue and Robin's egg blue nail polish
Steve Madden Intyce riding boots let you rock any outfit, however girly.


Elephant teapot!  It is so cute and even if I never used it for tea, it's just darlin'.
Channel Black Swan or just a fairytale princess with this Sarah Seven dress.  The tulle skirt and sweetheart neckline work together in harmony to create the most girly dress EVER!

What are your favorite girly items?
Have a great Tuesday and remember it's always fun to embrace your inner girlie girl.

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