February 15, 2011

tuesday's gone with the wind

Happy post-Valentine day to everyone!  
I thought it would be me + the dog with some vino. 
 But it turns out my little kiddies at work think I'm pretty sweet:
Not to mention the note left on my car by darling Sister #1.
Thanks, chickens.

Sister #2 and I had a lot of fun with a lovely photo shoot yesterday afternoon.  The weather was so perfect + we had such a good time.

Isn't she a doll? Yep.

This merrymaker is feeling a little random this morning, overload on caffeine perhaps?

And getting antsy to finish exams + get started on some DIY projects this week, like these precious coasters seen here on Linley's blog, Dwelling & Telling.  

Hitting up the craft stores this afternoon!
Also- send me positive thoughts for my bookshelf/dresser repainting!

I hope to post outfit pictures every other day, as I have time.  I appreciate the comments + positive reviews on the recent ones :)  I love reading other style blogs + seeing their outfits.  It is so inspiring for when I open my closet door.  I am working on my discipline!

 We are halfway through February, chin up, my chickens, spring is almost here.
Happy Tuesday from me + mine ---> you + yours.

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