February 2, 2011

glitz + glam

Minus the cat and insert a hairy black canine as my alarm clock and you will see what I was doing at 6am this morning.  Yep, it's been a long day.
Silly pup.  
However, I did have the extra time to finish my housekeeping on the site.  
Don't you LOVE the new layout? 

On today's menu: glitz + glam.

Beyonce has embraced the bright pink lipstick trend, and pulled it off flawlessly.
Lookin' good, B.


 The heels steal the show with these shoes.
Here's the run down:
Add gold embellished shoe, throw on LBD, and BOOM instant party.


 I cannot resist dogs in jewelry.  And if you don't like this picture in one way or another, 
then I don't like you.
Cutie Patootie.
accessorized canine
Tangerine and Turquoise are the colors for spring and summer.  I've incorporate the two, plus purple and medium gray, in redoing my bedroom.  I found some inspiration with this tree as a painted headboard so that may become my next step on the redecorating ladder.
I'm short one upholstered leather turquoise chair.
Love love love.
Lastly, don't let your eyes fool you, it's not really bread.  Toast themed cork coasters are the rage at the Museum of Modern Art.  And I'd like to grab a loaf or two myself. 
toast coasters

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