August 26, 2011

i'll drink to that

I love the new Rihanna song, which is weird because I don't normally like her at all.
I think it has to do with the Avril Lavigne (Yeeahhheeeyeah) loop that runs in the song.
Love me some Avril :)

{shirt: old navy | tank top: target | pants: LB | shoes: nine west | earrings: TurKoyz | bangles: gifts}

It's a little messy, I'm a little bit rushed.
I am going to more art shows tonight, so excited!

Have a fabulous weekend, my little chickens.



  1. Oh! I love your top with the skinny pants and flats!! :)

  2. hey i got your comment about blog swapping. is that the same as guest posting?! if so, i'm totally up for it. i've never done it before, but i'm willing to try! e-mail me and we can figure something out :)

    xo, Jill

  3. Thanks!!! I am going to start slightly dressing like fall, in hopes it will come haha :)


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