August 9, 2013

Is It Fall Yet?

 black lace dress: asos curve \\  clutch: target \\  wedges: nine west \\  necklace: accessory auctions

Summer is winding down in the literal sense, with schools starting back this week and next, but summer is sticking around in terms of temperature.  I am realllllly longing for some leggings and boots with some soft fall sweaters.  I cannot wait to devour the September fashion magazines and scope out the new fall trends.  I just can't hold my breath until the weather begins to cooperate.
These pics were taken while in Michigan in the most glorious temperatures in the mid-70s.
I never knew long sleeves in August would be an option, but you Northern gals have got it made!
What are you little chickens getting in to this weekend? I hope you have a whole lotta merrymaking goin' on!  Report back.


  1. Northern girls may have it made in summer but winter is no fun. No. Fun. At. All. haha it's hard to look cute while shoveling snow!

  2. I can't wait for fall's my favorite time of the year! It's so sticky around here UGH!

  3. Love the dress! I'm checking out the website NOW!

  4. I too, am anxiously awaiting fall fashion and fall temperatures! You're dress is cute! I'm happy you were able to get some relief in a cooler climate.


  5. Love the wedges! I'm so ready for fall though. Boots and jeggings are calling my name!


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