December 3, 2013

Comfy Camo & oNecklace review

jeans: h&m+ // shirt: dots // wedges: dolce vita // cocoon shell: thrifted // necklace: c/o oNecklace

Let's all notice really quickly that my hair is growing longer and looking pretty stellar. (Big dreams, baby steps)  Woo! Now, that is out of the way we can move on to what is really important.  Like any normal fashion loving girl raised in the 90s, I fascinated with Carrie Bradshaw.  Her infamous Carrie necklace was super popular when the show was on the air, but has made a bit of a resurgence lately.
It is synonymous with her character and now I have one of my own from oNecklace that will accompany me to all of my merrymaking adventures!
I love the perfect size of the necklace, along with the fact that I could customize the length of necklace to find the right chain length for me!  I was half-tempted to get my twitter/instagram handle (@missbekah) BUT I definitely liked the iconic Carrie style.  
Check out other styles and color options here.
Have the most terrific Tuesday! I'm sure they have 2-for-1 margs somewhere...

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oNecklace sent me this necklace in exchange for an honest review, all opinions above are my own.
image via pinterest 


  1. all kinds of awesomeness! love the camo...and the necklace (you go, carrie! i mean bekah!)...and those red shoes!

    1. Thanks girl! The shoes need some serious breaking in, but they're pretty fab!! Thanks again!

  2. I hate monograms, but I would totally wear this necklace because I love Carrie/SJP.

  3. That is such a pretty camo shirt! Wearing it with such a delicate necklace is such an unexpected mix. If it were me, I would definitely get my Twitter handle on the necklace just so I can self promote myself all day! hahaha

  4. Cute necklace!


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