December 4, 2013

Christmas List

Christmas lists are such a funny thing. I used to fill them full of wants and needs (and every Johnny Depp movie) but this year it isn't much more than beauty products and books!
Oh, and the most adorable coffee tumbler ever created. 
What is on YOUR list this year?
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  1. I wanted to add the Naked3 palette to my wish list but figured Santa would just laugh at me. Like the way I laugh at myself for talking about Santa.
    I actually got to read The Man Repeller book from the library and I really enjoyed it. I don't read much unless I think the book will make me laugh and it totally accomplished that!

    1. OOOOH now I'm super excited about the book!!
      The naked palettes are so amazing!

  2. That's a fun list!

    I haven't even made on this year. I have no idea what I want.


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