July 29, 2013

Two months later...

Dear sweet little baby chickens-
It's been too too too long.  
But don't worry, I have still been reveling in my merrymaker ways.
I cannot believe this week brings us the start of August.  Where is 2013 going?
I dearly miss my blogging world, but alas, I have succumbed to sleeping in, indulging in lazy pool days, and everything else summer has to offer.

  I hope summer has been sweet to everyone.  I hope to recap my sister's wedding, showcase my summer go-to outfits, and share a few sneaks of what I have been doing lately.

For the meantime, follow along with the party over on Instagram (@missbekah.)
All the cool kids are doing it.


  1. That wedding picture is beautiful! Love all of the green. Everyone looked so beautiful.

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to share more of my favorites!!!

  2. I love that blue dress on you!

  3. I love that dress! Can't wait to hear more about your summer!

    1. Thanks girl! The catchup posts are in the works as we speak! XOXO!

  4. Your summer looks like THE ULTIMATE SUMMER. Live it up, girl.


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