June 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

Yes, indeed, my little chickens! The merrymaker turns 25 years of age this weekend. 
Sunday, to be exact. 
// Cue Dies Irae \\
Here's a quick throwback to the last monumental four birthdays of my twenties.

A quarter of a century of laughter, friends, family, and fun.  Four (legal) years of margarita consumption and over a million karaoke songs under my belt.  Sure... not all of 20's life goals have been crossed off my inner to-do list, but I have had way more fun than I deserve.  The past year had brought on a mountain-load of hard times and losses, but every day was made easier by the amazing support system I have in my life.  So, have a margarita in my honor this weekend and turn up some country music really loud... call a friend and tell them you love them. And hey, I think we can all agree that a new driver's license picture was the best birthday gift I could possibly receive.



  1. Happy birthday! Live it up this weekend! And yay for having a good driver's license photo!

    1. Thanks, girl!!! I certainly will.
      I know, a good DL picture is like a good omen for the next five years, I think.

  2. Happy Early Birthday. Welcome to 25. Make it memorable!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope it was awesome!

  4. Hoping you are having a great birthday weekend! Make it last, friend!


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