September 24, 2013

Three Things

Just a quick post for a rainy Tuesday morning.
Three things on my mind.
Breaking Bad
I know, I know everyone and their great Aunt Sally has been talking about this show, chickie just won an Emmy, and it is all coming to a close this weekend.  I am a super late band wagon jumper.  It took me a year to finally have enough stamina to stick it out through the first few seasons, but now I am super obsessed.  I finished season 4 in twenty four (ahem, I'm not ashamed) hours.  If all goes as planned, this week will wrap up season 5 and I will marathon the beejezus out of the current season and experience the finale with the rest of the world.
To Knit or Not To Knit
I decided the other day, that every modern merrymaker needs a skill.  Since cooking is far away from ever being my forte... I thought a hobby would suffice.  I needed a break from my Candy Crush obsession and you can knit while you watch massive amounts of Netflix (see first paragraph!)
I consulted my extremely multi-talented mother and asked her to teach me to knit.
Really, it's genius.  I love the idea of making chunky knit scarves and ear warming headbands for everyone in the most lovely autumn shades!  It is the little things in life.  
Stay tuned, it is going well... just slooooooowly.
The Great Perfume Hunt
I'm on a hunt for a new scent.  I just hate going in to department stores for one, because all of the smells are very overwhelming and often... headache inducing.  Do any of my little chickens have perfume suggestions?  I like more floral, light tones.  Maybe I should just bite the bullet and order the One Direction engineered parfum.  It is worth buying if it attracts Harry Styles.
I'm kidding... kinda.
Thanks for reading! :)
Happy 2-for-1 margarita day!


  1. Everyone kept telling me it was the best show ever. I finally get it now. I'm glad you finally joined the club! :)

    1. Yes!! I'm soooo pumped for my marathon binge leading up to the finale.

  2. I taught myself how to crochet a few years ago and I just love it! Every year, I get to make fun gifts for everyone. Good luck with the knitting lessons!

    1. Ooh!! It really is so fun. I can't wait to finish my first project and move on. Thanks, Sarah :)

  3. I love perfume! I wear it everyday which is kind of high maintenance. BUT I only have three scents I go between which is less high maintenance. If you're looking for light and floral and want to avoid department stores, I'd say Lollia Breath No. 19 (at Anthropologie) or Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (at Sephora).

    1. You're awesome!! Thanks for the advice. I love all excuses to go in to anthro!! :))

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  5. I am completely off the cool wagon, because I have not watched single episode of any season of Breaking Bad. I feel like I am letting my country down... Oops! Also, I tied knitting, extreme disaster so good for you. AS for the perfume, I am OBSESSED with Viva La Juicy. It's floral, yet simple. Try it out.

  6. I knit and love it! I think that it's a fun thing to do that actually produces something (Christmas presents!). Oh, and the new Coach fragrance is awesome...I'm usually a Miss Dior girl, but I bought Coach at Ulta the other day and loved it!

  7. i'm usually late to the game, too. i'll have to add Breaking Bad to my netflix cue!!

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  8. I was late to jump on the bandwagon, too, but I don't care. Breaking Bad is so amazing! I can't believe it's going to end this week.


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