September 30, 2013

Inopportune Inspiration

dress: asos (similar) // booties: barefoot tess // purse: target // necklace: eclectic ornaments

It often happens when I lay my head down to go to sleep at night that my mind comes alive with so many deep or humorous thoughts that would inspire the most amazing blog posts.  The exact opposite happens when I finally sit down at the computer with my free time and open up the blog.  Some people have these epiphanies and idea while showering or exercising, but no, I have them when I am barely conscious and incapable of remembering the clever idea that tied together my new shoes with world news.  I have heard people say that keeping a notebook or a journal next to the bed is the best idea to write these ideas down before you forget.  You think with my iPhone almost permanently attached to my hand, I could get it all together.  But no, here we both are halfway through a long-winded paragraph about how I don't do that and we both suffer because of it all.

One day, I will get it together.  For now, I share my favorite booties in the world and this new huge windchime they built in Overton Square.  Both are awesome.


  1. I always think of blog posts when I wake up in the middle of the night when I am to lazy to do anything about it haha! I need to try that journal by the bed idea!!

  2. I'm usually driving when I have these great ideas. It's a problem...


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