March 15, 2013

Beauty Product Review: Sephora, Maybelline, Benefit, Buxom, Vaseline, & Urban Decay!

It is no secret that I am beauty product obsessed!  Luckily, with my Birchbox subscription and my Ulta and Sephora obsession, I am never too far away from discovering my next and newest favorite beauty product.  This post originally had double the products in it (I have been a busy, primping lady) but I cut it in half for maximum exposure.  In no specific order, here we go:
one: Sephora Instant Moisturizer 
First of all, I was sure that this moisturizer would be TOO heavy for my combination skin.  It is advertised as "intense," and I feel that is does just that without being greasy.  I LOVE the smell, and it feels great on my face.
two:  Maybelline BB Cream 
If I have tried one drugstore BB cream, I have tried them all.  I like the consitentsy of this one... it's a little bit thicker and not runny.  Save your money for the $40 BB creams from Bobbi Brown or Jouer.  It is worth it to see the results.
three:  Benefit They're Real Mascara 
I had heard raves and raves about this mascara that boasts to lengthen lashes that "you never knew you had."  I definitely agree. It coats really well and the bristles are staggered, even on the end.  Reading the directions leads to optimum lash lengthening.
(After applying mascara while holding the brush horizontally it is recommended to coat the lashes while holding it vertically to lengthen! IT WORKS!)
four: Buxom Insider Eyeliner 
I loved the color I received as a free points reward gift from Sephora beauty insiders, and it stays on really well!  I love stick eyeliners that you do not have to sharpen!  It won't replace my one true love, Stila.
five: Vaseline Spray & Go Lotion 
I saw an ad for this in a magazine and instantly ran to Walgreens to find it.  Well, I finally found it at Target.  I really love the idea of this and it is perfect for lazy gals.  You still have to rub in it, but you are guaranteed total coverage.  Perfect for the summer time!
(It comes in the cocoa butter & aloe lotions, too)
six: Urban Decay Naked2 Palette 
I will always love my NAKED palette, but I was read to mix things up and finally invest in the Naked2. I love the shades, all great UD quality, with a two sided brush. (My favorite colors? Pistol, verve, & YDK.)


  1. I love these reviews!

    I've been using the Maybelline BB Cream for a while now - ever since I was introduced to Dr Jarts on a Birchbox this summer ( - and I really like it! I did like the Dr Jarts better.... but the Maybelline is just so much more affordable! In the winter, I'm pale. So I have to use pressed powder and bronzer still. But in the summer, when I'm tan and 'changing' complexion all the time, the BB creams are perfect. I no longer have to buy a winter foundation and summer foundation to match my complexion.

    1. Thanks, Danielle! My sister in law raves about the Dr. Jarts from her birchbox! I'm hoping with the summer I can find a more fluid skincare routine! Thanks again for reading!

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  3. 1. My favorite moisturizer.
    3. I like that mascara, but Mary Kay Lash Love is the best!
    5. Almost bought it the last time I was at Target but wasn't sure I "needed" it. Guess I do!
    6. What's not to love, right? ;)

  4. I am using that BB cream right now. Use it as a primer...really loving it!


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