August 6, 2012

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's The Merrymaker!

I am so excited to be posting today!  Today is my official last day of summer, I got back for inservice and registration for the rest of the week.  The summer FLEW by, eight weeks of summer camp will do that to you.  I am super thrilled to get back and meet my new kids, and get on a recurring schedule of actual clothes (JEWELRY! Gasp!)  Field trips, crafts, and tennis shoes were fun- but I miss my sparkles and my dresses!
Speaking of dresses, I saw this beauty in Target and knew it had to be mine.
Birds! Collared! Sleeves!
I love the vintage feel of it.  I wore it to the movies once I finally had the time to go see Batman (It was only recently that I was super disappointed to find out that It's a BIRD, It's a plane! is actually Superman... but my heart will always belong to Bruce Wayne Christian Bale.)
dress w/belt: target | necklace: eclectic ornaments | 
sandals: brash for payless | lipstick: NARS heatwave

I hope the end of summer finds you well! So tell me- What have you guys been up to? What's the 411? Any hot gossip?  See you soon, little chickens.  It feels good to be back in bloggerland.  I hope to give this place a face lift here soon, so look out for that. 


  1. did you get the dress in the plus size section? if so, i saw it, and they had two similar ones with different color and print.. and i swear if they weren't $25, i would have bought all three! i'm going to see if they go on clearance in the next couple weeks, and i'll snag some then.

    1. Yes, that's where I got it! I was going back and forth between this one and the red one. But I have a recent obsession with navy blue lately... I hated paying full price, but at my Target if I wait all my size is GONE!

  2. Oh no, if summer is ending for you, that means it's almost back to school time! Gee, summer has flown by. I moved a couple months ago (that's my news) and am now living a block from a junior high. It probably won't be long now until I'm awaken by screaming children running past my window scurrying off to school. lol

    That dress is so rad! I actually own quite a few bird print items that came from Target. I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for that dress! :)

    1. Hope those kiddies keep it down for you!! Yes, I have other birds items from Target too, now that you mention it! HA!


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