July 24, 2012

Five Things

HELLO! Just wanted to drop in with a little update.  I actually had a OOTD photo shoot done, but there's a little camera issue.  As in, I can't find it sooooooooo. Here's a little glimpse in to my summer! Things I have been looking forward to, things I have been doing! Lots of merrymaking, my little chickens.

1. First of all, I am taking the end of the week off and going to ATL for an Aerosmith concert! I was raised listening to them and my mother instilled a deep, deep love in all of us.  Plus, last time we saw them- Steven Tyler held my sister during one song.  It was a big deal.  HUGE!

 2.  Phase 10! I do not know if you chickens are familiar with this addicting and competitive game, but it's pretty much a daily thing for me.  I work at a summer camp, okay? No judging.  We even took it to the bar.
3.  WEDDINGS! Summer time is just busting at the seams with people vowing their lives together.  One down, three to go!
That being said, I've never met a wedding reception that I didn't like! Mazel tov!

4. BIG BROTHER! It is my favorite show of the summer.  I don't know if you watch it or not, but it is the perfect mix of The Real World and Survivor that keeps me glued to the TV three times a week.  I don't know who my favorites are right now, it is too early in the game... Give it a shot, you won't be bored!

5.  The Lumineers.  I might be late to the game, and I usually am.  BUT I AM OBSESSED! This CD is constantly on repeat on my iPhone, in my car, evvvveeerrryyyywwhhhheeerrrreee.

So pray tell, what is on your top 5 list?  Anything you want to share, please do.
Hope you are staying cool and having a good summer!

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  1. love aerosmith! i'm jealous you're going to see them.. also, i really like the lumineers too. in fact i'm just into bands like them in general right now.. folksy and rock at the same time.

    and, my sister in law works on big brother, but i don't actually watch it, haha.


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