May 15, 2013

Beale Street Music Fest 2013

Hellloooo and welcome to the post about one of my favorite weekends ever in this lovely little town of Memphis, TN. The first weekend in May starts the fun (and usually the rain showers) and you can expect some fun and big name bands to show up. Be prepared for iPhone pics because who wants to keep up with a camera when you may fall in the mud at any given moment? Precisely.

Usually it is super hot and sticky and gross, but this year the rain brought cooler temps and a constant threat of rain. It never really showered on us until Sunday night which is a blessing. My bright orange rain coat was my trusty accessory.

Friday night I saw Sheryl Crow (below) and Bass Nectar (not pictured.)

Saturday was THE BLACK KEYS! Such an amazing show and it is one I will remember for a looooong time.

Oh, and Dwight Yoakam was life changing and super fun.

Sunday was the day I was most looking forward to because The Black Crowes were coming back! I've seen them twice before and I just love those boys!!! Definitely my favorite part of the entire weekend.

Okay, I lied. My favorite part was having my friend Alli in town from Atlanta.

Goggles just in case the stage flooded.

And meeting Billy Joel*.


A good time was had by all. Definitely come see Memphis in the month of May and there is so much in store for you.

\\ *disclaimer: not actually Billy Joel //



  1. AH So fun!!!! I didn't go this year :( next year though for sure!!!

    PS. Margaria date soon!

    1. Yes!!!! I'm texting you next time I need a fix :)

  2. and by margaria i mean margarita :)

  3. Wow! They had an amazing line up this year!!!

  4. Such awesome pictures! I have never been to memphis in may but I have to try it!

  5. Love the goggles! We were out of town for Musicfest this year, but I am looking forward to Barbecue fest tomorrow!!!

  6. Great photos! Your hair looks really pretty!

  7. I can't stand crowds, so I usually don't go. I really hate I missed The Black Keys. Love them!

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