August 2, 2013


Last day of wedding talk, I promise.  Plus, it's brief and mostly about a party.
(I know what you're thinking... geez, Miss B, you aren't the one who GOT married crazy pants McGee!)  Assuming you are still reading, here goes it:
We are hitting the road today to drive north for 12 hours!  Memphis to Michigan in a minivan.  I should write a song about this.  Sarah's (my sister, recently married, to Rob, in case you missed it) husband's family lives in Michigan and not everyone could make the trek for the Southern wedding.  They are having a celebration north of the Mason-Dixon line and we are jumping on the opportunity to see our new family and the gorgeous married couple again!

Check out that awesome (change of) weather!
Plus, I am freakishly excited to drive through Ohio and Indiana because I have never been there before!
This post is eight kinds of crazy, but have a good weekend and be sure to follow along on the merrymaking journey on Instagram (@missbekah)   :)


  1. Definitely drink some Yuengling for me while you're in Ohio! :)

  2. Enjoy your trip. I love road trips!

  3. Profitez bien !


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