November 20, 2013


dress: ross // tights: we love colors // boots: nine west // coat: lane bryant // necklace: crack in the walk

As I was perusing Pinterest for the 56th time yesterday, I came across this idea where you write a letter to ten-years-older-than-yourself you.  (dear 35 year old Bekah....)  Inspired, really.  I attempted it.  Delete, delete, delete.  It sounded like a super sad, poorly written self-help diary entry.  
I don't really need to write a letter to myself in my mid-thirties to accomplish anything.  We all know that in the year 2023, Mrs. Bekah Gosling will be in her space house, wearing the most exquisite tutu on the moon drinking endless mango margaritas (you can't get hangovers in zero gravity, duh.)
In the mean time, I would rather write about sparkles & tutus & lipsticks.

Stay tuned for next week, when I share the MERRIEST of gifts on my Holiday Gift Guide.  I personally selected some fabulous presents perfect for each person on your list!  Also some fabulous discount codes and deals available just for M of M readers.

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