November 12, 2013

Black on Black

 dress (as skirt): asos // sweater: thrifted // scarf: gift // purse: target // wedges: payless

Yesterday (aka when these pictures were taken) was one of those days where as soon as I left the house, I wished I had worn sweatpants and a baggy tee.  The worst part of that is... I actually can do that in my line of work (glorified babysitter.)  I choose to put forth effort every day because I love getting dressed (and clothes are the most fun thing ever.)  
Today I wished I had a sweater blanket & a whole day to binge on Netflix and cookies.

Sigh.  Don't worry though, I broke world records getting in the door, in to my pajamas, and threw cookies in the oven.
All is right in the world again.

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