December 31, 2010

cupcakes and champagne

I have always believed in those belonging together, like peas and carrots, biscuits and gravy, etc, etc. I enjoyed the theme so much, I had my own little get together to celebrate 2010 in such a style.  This year however, will be much more laid back and enjoyable! I am very thrilled to spend this coming NYE with some new friends and with some dear ones, as well.  

On the champagne front, I have been turned on to something quite delicious! My dear friend, Brooke Beck, brought over some Verdi Raspberry Sparkletini to our Saints watch party on Monday and I LOVED it.  Spumante Champagne is affordable, maybe not so respected, is my absolute favorite because I prefer the sweeter sparkling wine genre.  Add in the raspberry, and its DELISH!
via Liquor Outlet
So with beverages covered, after the cupcakes are iced, you have to decide what to wear!  Our party this year is white/black/sequin.  If you know me, you know that is right up my alley.   It encompasses the majority of my wardrobe, but since its a special occasion, I might dig to the back of the cave to find recyclable.  If you still are unsure of what to wear, here are some ideas:

First, the classic LBD with a little frill, belt it and accessorize.  You already have the dress, just glam it up with the silver bling bling.  You can't have too much, just channel the Time's Square NYE ball drop.

Next outfit- The BEKAH outfit, is similar to what I will wear.  Throwing in the color with the aforementioned sparkle is key to representing yourself and reflecting your personality.  xoxo, GG

The next outfit is purely for the brave and inspired by my dearest friend, Carli, who is the only girl I know who could get in law school and rock sequin shorts.  I advise the tights, Gaga.

Well, whatever your New Year's Eve plans, I hope you spend time with someone you love, wear something sparkly, and most importantly, take the fresh start to look around and be grateful for the little things.  That is my resolution for the rest of my life, starting now.  Anyone else making resolutions? Hello, 2011, I hope you're ready for us.


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