December 29, 2010

lack of weefee

Happy almost 2011! My christmas vacation abroad, aka the other side of memphis, has left me without wifi, and because of such I have almost completely gone insane missing my macbook and blog sites. but alas, i am back! As I had the opportunity to pounce on my laptop yesterday, there was an opportunity for destruction. Woe is me! I put a small dent in the top of my almost brand new MacBook and literally wanted to die. Some quick checking the geek sites, I discovered it wasn't enough damage to warrant my 4 yr accidental insurance, but there were some quick fixes. One was incredibly intriuging. They make vinyl stickers that are matte and fabulous to go over the tops of the computer, and prevent further scratches and cover up previously made ones! How perfect.

They come in all colors and even numerous creative decorative ones.  My favorite site is Lana Kole's Etsy store... free shipping, and tons of colors. My favorite is the mint green. 

via LanaKole

via LanaKole
Perhaps, I might even go back for Darth. CHECK IT OUT!

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