May 19, 2012

New Button!

Just wanted to shout out really fast and let my chickens know that I have a new button (minus my face, plus a great color scheme)... so if you have my button on your blog, feel free to change it up! Or if you are interested in a button swap or what not, comment below and let me know. 
Seriously, that rhyming takes skillz...

The button and html is on the right column ------> over there, and down.

P dot S dot... I am announcing a *GIVEAWAY* on Monday morning so be sure to tune in!



  1. Hey Bekah!! let your bloggers know that the jewelry pieces your modeled last week are now up on the Crack in the Walk shop on Etsy. Thanks!!

  2. I love it! The colors pop and it's eye catching! Have a great weekend!


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