May 9, 2012

Wishful Wednesday

Wish wish wish... for all of the following.
Did I mention that my birthday is one MONTH from today? Oh ha ha...
 How adorable are these chevron earrings? Gimme gimme.
 Love the words.
 An organized closet = a happy merrymaker.
 How awesome would it be to turn my millions of Instagram pics in to filmstrips?! Love it.
The perfect summer sandal.  Meeeeow!

What are you wishing for this wonderful Wednesday?
I want all of the above and a day at the pool with a mango margarita!
I'm a simple girl, really... :)


  1. love those sandals and earring miss bek!

  2. i am totally loving all things chevron lately...just wish i could find more things!!!


  3. Hi Bekah! I just found your blog via The Budget Fashionista (the top five bloggers feature).

    My name is Maria, and I hail from Uruguay, South America. I will be in Memphis in July (I know, I know, it is insane, but I am tagging some family time onto a business trip to DC...) I wonder if you would share your top plus size shops in Memphis. I usually shop online and have stuff delivered to my family, and then pick it up. But there will be great sales in July, and if you have suggestions for good brick and mortar stores, I would love to hear them. I usually shop Macy's, Coldwater Creek, and ebay. Since my shopping is very limited in Uruguay, I really try to go for basic pieces that I can mix and match. I do love to add a funky vibe with accessories and a trendy piece here and there.

    In any case, I have enjoyed your blog (read back quite a few entries) and will continue to check in!



    PS: My mail is


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