May 1, 2012

Bunco & Birds

 {jeans: LB | leopard shoes: nine west | bird top/orange bracelets: target | earrings: simply chic}

First of all, HAPPY MAY! Can you believe it?
I wore this outfit last Sunday to my first game of Bunco.  It must have been a good luck outfit because I WON!  They asked me to join their secret awesome Bunco club, so now I will play once a week.  It is such a fun game, and you drink delicious adult beverages and gossip with some great friends.

Can't wait for the next time!  Thanks, you gorgeous little good luck birds.

The first weekend in May is the infamous Beale Street Music Festival here in Memphis! I am looking forward to catching some great bands, and I am going to share a couple that I will see with you!
First up, a little lady called Florence.



  1. Oh you have the music festival this weekend?! Have fun!!!
    Take videos of the cival wars for me.
    I heart bunco. I am totally going to be a bunco mom and would host bunco nights now if I had more room at my place.

    1. YES! I am so excited for a little sun, a lot of music, and more merrymaking than I will ever fess to!

  2. Replies
    1. Birds are so IN right now! HAHA! Had to stop myself from buying a birdie dress this past weekend because I couldn't justify it! HA!

  3. I freaking love that top. SUPER cute! When are you gonna come visit us in Oxford, ma'am??

    1. THANKS! I really do need to plan a trip down South this summer... and you guys can show me the town! Haven't been since like 19!

  4. I LOVE this top and tried it on. Unfortunately the neckline fit so weird on me so I didn't buy it. It looks fabulous on you!


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