May 1, 2011

current obsession: {leopard nails}

In the past, whenever I feel a strong love or obsession with an item, I have shared it here.  I have decided to make it a recurring feature, because there is never a shortage on things to obsess over.
Previously, I coveted pleats and went ga-ga over feather extensions.
Today we are going to get loony over 
leopard nails.

Photo taken with Instagram 

If you read any beauty blogs, or pay attention to the drugstore deals- you might already be familiar with Sally Hansen's SALON effects: Real Nail Polish Strips.  The leopard ones are called Kitty Kitty.
I will definitely be back to purchase the houndstooth and lace effects once these come off.

If you are at all weary of giving this a try because it seems crazy or you don't think it will work: 

I was skeptic but I wanted to see what they were all about.  They are amazing.  Once you get the hang of how to apply them- You can be done in 12-15 minutes! They are supposed to last up to ten days, but I am only at hour 12.  I'll keep you updated on that. Even if they last 3 days, that's longer than I go without a manicure chip.

At Walgreens, you can get a pack of 16 nail strips for $9.99, but they are often on special.
Have y'all tried these before? 
Any other nail polish trends you are loving on?
Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!
Enjoy your friends and family today :)


  1. Thanks, girl! I feel fierce, haha :)

  2. SO cute, love this fun & sassy look! I would love to have it on my toes. Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday hun. x veronika

  3. Thank you lovely! I am so in love with my nails, I can't stop looking at them! I was totally thinking of trying the next box out on my toes!

  4. LUV it!!! I have to go buy them now lol thanks for sharing!!!

  5. This pattern really suits you! :) Wild thang! hahaha. I tried them before and blogged about them, and they most def aren't for me-- I'm too harsh on my nails!

  6. Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.comMay 1, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    they look so cool I would love some but I am too poor to get some so until then I will lust over yours.

  7. Haha, I know! I had to wait a long time until I could responsibly budget them in. I went to Wal-Mart tonight, and they had them for $7.50, so that's a little better! :)

  8. I hope between the numberof times I wash my hands, and the amount of times I hit my hands/fingers on things that they will reach the 4 day mark! Here's hopin!

  9. Aren't they great??!! Let me know how they work out for you, Lillie! :)

  10. I've only tried the glitter kind before, and I LOVED them! They lasted for at least 10 days! Your's look super perfect, too!

  11. Thanks, Dani! I can't wait to try the different kinds. I am obsessed and every where I go- my fingers get noticed!

  12. I read your post on Monique's blog and really liked it! good job

  13. Absolutely love them..and they go with you hun!!

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