October 31, 2012

Fall '12 Wish List

Since I've been gone, I have seriously been shopping my cute little face off.  Something about the change from summer to fall makes me forgo food, gas money, & common sense and just splurge on tights and sweaters like it is my job.  It's not my job, though, and I have to tone it down before 2013.  However, there are some must have grabs on MY list of things I cannot live without during the upcoming chilly months.
Here we go...

1. Classic white button down:
I have to replace my old standby, the J. Crew WBD is imperative to winter layering and look chic in an instant.
Gimme gimme.
2. Oxblood:
It is everywhere on the fall fashion line, so it is very easy for me to find a piece to add to my collection. The must have color translates easily in to any ensemble.  Although I'll probably browse for a good sweater in the enviable color, I love these leggings!

3. Loafers:
I am a self-denying shoe addict, but there is one exception for this fall.  I will own a pair of nice loafers! I love these from calf hair loafers from Gap, but budgets might prohibit me to finding a less pricey pair around town.

4. A Serious Splurge:
This is it, folks.  A culmination of perfection in this merrymaker's opinion THIS COAT!
I love the Gossip Girl-ish vibe from it, plus I've never said no to anything leopard.  It's plush and looks warm, and I just think I would be the most chic teacher with carpool duty!  Give it to me, baby!

So far, that is what I am craving adding to my fall/winter wardrobe.  What items are on your must own list?  What trends are you most looking forward to? Let a girl know!

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