February 6, 2014

Girls & Grizzlies

First, I just want to say thanks a merrymillion to everyone who commented, messaged, tweeted, and reached out to me after yesterday's post.  It is great to know I am not the only one who dreaded the enivitable and I know it is opening myself up for such a great future in blogging.  Now, if you really love me you will continue to excuse this cold weather almost-dusk horrible quality of pictures along with some super fuzzy ones, right?!  You know you reallllly love me, right? Xo

 dress, as skirt: dots // top: grizz store // leggings: dots // boots: ugg (HERE) // 
purse: target (HERE) // necklace: crack in the walk

Here is some wild news you just may not know about me! I am a contest addict.  If I see a twitter contest, a Facebook share it to win it, or a radio station call in... you bet your sweet Aunt Sally I will do my best to win that mofo.  I guess the fact that I have racked up some pretty sweet prizes (second row Sheryl Crow, an Xbox 360, theatre tickets, etc) keeps me going at it again and again.  I didn't even remember entering a contest for sweet Memphis Grizz tickets and free dinner and drinks at a local downtown restaurant but lo and behold! I get a call telling me I won a few weeks ago and I was FLOORED!  I took my red-headed sister and we had such a good time.  We stuffed our faces with fried food and local brews.  And almost immediately regretted it, but we were soon focused on cheering our hometown boys.  Sadly, they lost, but it was such an experience to have great seats and even better company.  As you can see from the sign above, I kept my section cheering until the final buzzer!

I love dressing up a t-shirt!  I wanted to bring out a tulle skirt or two, but decided it was best in this freezing weather to keep it a bit more casual.  Yes, casual for me is normally a dress so this was perfect!  I love my new Grizz shirt I picked up in anticipation of this night, it has a soft vintage feel and I'm so happy with it.  Who says you can't be girlie and enjoy a beer and a bball game!?
I may be able to win things, but I'm completely incapable of catching t-shirts flying from a cannon... 
(my boys, drinking one for my homies, and my grizz nails!)

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  1. I never dress up t-shirts. This is super cute!

    1. It makes sporting events way more fun!! :)

  2. Apparently you have to get your section to be loud in order for them to shoot t-shirts in your direction ..... But I think they just shoot where they shoot ... Maybe take mirrors and the reflection will catch their attention??

  3. I love the way you paired the casual tee with the skirt! It looks so good on you!

  4. Tell me more about that right hand ring.

    1. Girl they are both by Silpada! I love their rings.

  5. Oh my god! I LOVE THAT SKIRT!! You just look so cute!


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