February 15, 2014

Second Play Saturday

I don't normally post on saturdays, but I wanted to interrupt the usual radio silence and share this song.  I don't know how in this whole wide, ever-loving world I overlooked this Adele bonus track when her album came out.  I mean- I know I heard it a few times, but it never resonated with me the way it did this week. I love her raw emotion and her ability to write songs with lyrics that cut to the core of humanity.  She is succeeding in parlaying to me what I imagine dear ole Taylor Swift does with teens and tweens.  All this to say, I am starting a bit of a new theme that will randomly pop up when the mood strikes.  Second Play Saturday... for that song you've heard before, but you are now hearing in a different way for the first time.  I think we can all relate to that.  I feel a bit like Delilah right now...
For the first addition, my doppleganger (yeah right) and British love of my life (besides Harry Styles)... 

I Found A Boy by Adele

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