February 24, 2014

Just Another Midi Monday

princeton shirt: target (old) // skirt: tj maxx // scarf: forever 21 // 
wedges: dolce vita // sunglasses: target

Let's hope this Monday is less painful that the previous (and I think I am on the right track with this super fun look!)  I don't normally reach for this longer length of skirt, so it makes sense that it has been hanging unworn in my closet for months.  The midi length style is not going anywhere, any time soon, so I wanted to finally break it out and give it a go! I actually love the way this outfit turned out. I will always be a fan of a vintage tee and a fun skirt forever-ever.  It definitely doesn't hurt than the skirt is flippy and has great movement!  
I think that if every Monday has a little more twirl to it, it wouldn't have such a bad rap.
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  1. So J of that skirt- it looks SO cute on you! I have the shortest legs on the planet (hello, 27" inseam), and midi length skirts make me look so dumpy.

    1. Finally some good news for these super long legs of mine!! I still feel like they're borderline catholic-school girl length but it's growing on me.

  2. Gotta love that twirly skirt! And I really like wearing longer length skirts, too, just for something a little different (and they're really comfortable!)


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