March 11, 2014

I'm Aliiiiiiive!

Just a quick check in, I am not still in New Orleans, lost among the discarded beads and empty daiquiri cups.  I've been home for almost a week, which is about the amount of time that it takes to recover from such a trip.  This week is Spring Break, so it is another slow week where I will rarely change from pajamas lounge cloooothes and won't bother to get up from the couch between catch-up episodes of my favorite television shows.  Except maybe to get a Kleenex during this episode of Parenthood...

Here are some of my favorite merrymaking highlights from my Mardi Gras trip!
I hope to get back to regularly scheduled programming soon, xo!
Best times, good drinks, and great people always makes for a fabulous trip.
Now... back to the Netflix binge.
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  1. Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And please do share your newest Netflix loves, I am finally back on a Netflix schedule :)


    1. Thanks, doll!!
      My past few favorites have been Damages, House of Cards, and Parenthood!
      Get to adding those, lovely!

  2. I'm glad you had a great time and hope you get all recovered soon!

  3. I'm behind on Parenthood. I have about 5 episodes to watch. I'll for sure cry at all of them.

    1. Pretty sure my heart can explode with sadness and happiness in one single season of this show.

  4. Enjoy your time off!! Looks like Mardi Gras was a blast :)

  5. Hurray for an excessively fun getaway!


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