March 21, 2014

Favorite Friday Dress

Have you ever made a brand new purchase, let's say an oversize, striped t-shirt dress, and then you find such complete happiness with it that you find it almost impossible to not wear it every other day?
Yeah... me neither.

This dress sometimes gives the appearance that I cut a neck hole in a bed sheet and ran out of the house, but it feels like a huge t-shirt and I just can't find an excuse to not wear it almost every day.  I've worn it like over half the days since I bought it.  #noshame
And if you can't wear your favorite dress on a Friday, then when can you?
Have a merry weekend. XO

dress: h&m+ (here) // necklace: F21 // booties: barefoot tess

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  1. i loveee this dress! also definitely know what you mean, I always tend to wear my ~*~new favourite purchases*~*~ over and over again for quite some time haha :)

    1. It's like a new obsession! I wore it Tuesday but I want to wear it again today... I need to order it in a different color :)

  2. Hey, your legs look amazing - so wear that dress girl! :)

  3. i dont know how i feel about this, it says its a tunic, i feel like it would make me even larger just being so flowy like that, no waist definition. with leggings maybe? it does look cute on u thou

  4. well you certainly look happy and radiant in it


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