March 17, 2014

Out of Practice

blouse: tj maxx // blazer: thrifted // necklace: accessory auctions // 
leggings: dots // boots (not pictured): nine west

I'm still posting today even though every one of my pictures turned out horrible!  It seems I have been on "vacation" for so long that my camera decided to boycott reality today.  Things were unexplainably blurry and confused.  I don't blame the camera really, I was feeling quite the same way when I awoke. The weather did not help.  I thought I retired my riding boots for the season, after the first 70 degree patio day, but in true winter tradition... it's ain't over yet.  All of that to say, I missed posting so much that we are just going to power through this.  Plus, that's a lot of holiday cheer displayed and it just cannot go to waste.  I hope the weekend treated all of the merrymakers well, and although I never got my green beer, I had more Irish car bombs than I wish to admit.  I'm calling today a rough draft and hoping for a better performance tomorrow.
Monday is just Tuesday's dress rehearsal.

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