December 8, 2011

fail-proof outfits + countdowns

{tunic, leggings, boots: LB | scarf: ??? | shades: kate spade}

Gearing up for a weekend of parties (!!!), final Christmas shopping (eeeek, almost done!), and a countdown to Christmas break(8 days).  I will stay faithful to my easy to throw on, fail proof outfits! Tunics, leggings, and boots are so easy to throw on in these intense chilly winter mornings, with a coffee in hand!  During the cyber Monday extravaganzas, I managed to get a killer Christmas casual outfit (top, jeans, AND boots) for 1/2 off! I am way too excited about that and using all my will power to not wear it pre-vacay! Gotta save something special for my time away from pre-schoolers and around some grown up frands!



  1. you look so lovely! christmas-cosy :)

  2. Cuuute look! I think I only say that because it's exactly what I wear on whim. haha
    I do a lot of babysitting and it just seems like the easiest way to go. Although.. I have noticed the 4 year old girl that I watch, also styles herself in leggings and little floral dresses. I think she has accidentally become my style icon!

  3. I am a tunic kinda gal myself super cute outfit here

  4. Cute outfit. I attempt that look but never achieve it like you did.

  5. Great tunic! Seriously, I love your style so much.

  6. Love this. Perfect tunic for fall. Enjoy your parties!

  7. Your tunics are always so lovely! I love the floral print on this one!

    Happy Weekend!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights


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