December 9, 2011


The holiday season is drawing close... we all feel that, right?
Well if you haven't felt it allow me to share with you that IT IS!
I know this because it takes me 15 minutes to scrap ice of my car windows in the morning.
It takes me foreeeeevvvvveeeerrrrrr to get my kids to stop talking in class about their elves on the shelves.
(Snowflake was making snow angels in the flour on the counter!!!!! MINE was baking cookies!)
And the few glasses of wine a week have become even more festive when enjoyed out of my holiday stemware.
Here are five more things that are bringing the merriment:
Pinned here, so obviously describes me during the holiday season.

This amazing flatware.

This skirt that I bought, but I still can't get my hair to do that. (!!!!)

The most amazing shoes ever made.

Have a good weekend, my little chickens.


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