December 7, 2011

red pants + earned wrinkles

{shirt: alfani | cigarette pants: dots | scarf:gordmans | flats:payless}

Sure... they say it's a no-iron shirt.  But obviously, they don't mean it won't wrinkle through carpool duty, an 8 hour day of teaching, practice for the Christmas program (four year olds equipped with jingle bells, no sense of rhythm.) and decorating 23 gingerbread houses...
Come to think of it, I earned those wrinkles on my shirt.

Ignore them and focus on those red cigarette pants. 
Now, imagine that you are me and that they are your size, 30% off, and super fabulous.
I love games! Also, this leopard scarf is my favorite and I rarely take it off... except to bathe.  
Just kidding, that's gross. But really, during waking (non-bathing hours)--I love that thang.

My first holiday party of the season is tonight and I am ready for sequins, champagne, and door prizes!
Before Monday, I will have partied through FOUR parties.
There is something merry about this time of year, huh?


  1. Love the red pants! I was imagining! I want some! BAD!

    You look great!

    - Justine

  2. I wish I had holiday parties to attend. Sounds like so much fun! And you've definitely got the wardrobe for it. Photos, please!

  3. LOVE the red cigarette pants. Those are fabulous!

  4. Dude... I love this! The red, the denim, the leopard! I feel ya on earning the wrinkles. I feel like I earn my stains every day too!

  5. I had so much fun imagining those jeans were mine!!! I love the color and the length!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. I love red pants and these look great on you. They are one of my favorite new fashion trends.

  7. You are rocking those cigarette pants! =D

  8. I love those red pants! Amazing.

    Sounds like you definitely earned those wrinkles. Gotta love how the "no wrinkle" items are usually the worst offenders.

  9. Red pants are always fun. I love mine.


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