December 29, 2011

puffy vests + lifetime movies

{skirt & gingham top: target | leggings: LB | boots: nine west | vest: JC Penney | scarf: gordmans}

Ladies and chickens, may I present to you my first ever puffy vest?!  I have coveted the outdoorsy fashion statement from afar for way too long.  Boxing day was just the occasion that I needed to finally purchase one.  I got this sweet lime green warming goodness for $10.43 at JC Penney and I want to wear it everyday.  

Last night, we went to play live team trivia (we didn't win) and then sing karaoke.
I am trying to make the most of my last few vacation days and all I really want to do is lie in bed and watch Lifetime movies.

{one: my brother loves to sign me up for karaoke songs.}
{two: trivia isn't fun without frozen mango margaritas.}


  1. I love the green vest! Aren't JC Penny sales awesome? Karaoke + frozen mango margaritas = yummy fun!

  2. lime green! You pull off color really well, Bekah!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  3. Thanks, Laura! I really wanted a black one but they didn't have one in my size! I took it as a sign to go for the green!

  4. Thanks Jess!! I am a new lover of JCPenney! Can't wait to go back and score some more deals!

  5. I also love the green vest, green stands for peace.


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