December 24, 2011

red tights + polka dots

 {belt, tights: dots | shoes, coat: LB | dress: ross | feather pin: homemade}

Hi there, pretty chickens!
My, oh my, I have missed you!  Things have been busy and messy and cray cray around here.
First things first, I was in a car accident on Tuesday and I am fine fine fine; however, the state of my car is in limbo until after the holiday weekend.  My family has been great in being there for me and making sure I stay in the Christmas spirit.  I am SO excited for this weekend and spending time with my family and ALL of our dogs. I am posing in front of the doggy stockings!
 (there are FIVE pups here now! YIKES)

Moving on, I am finally getting time to put on real clothes and get fancy.
I love my new short booties and my red tights.
I will be so sad when Christmas is over and I may or may not be retiring my holiday color palette before Spring Break.

Sequins and all.



  1. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!

  2. You look so cute and festive!!! 5 pups.. omg! Sounds like a blast. I would live in an animal house.. lol

  3. Perfect holiday look! I love that cutesie pin! And your cutesie face!


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