January 27, 2012


Coincidentally, looking back over the five things I chose today... do you see a pattern here?
A happy accident.  
Happy Friday!
Will someone make me these cookies and ship them to me? Okay, thanks.

Looking forward to a smoothie/juice date with sister #1 today for lunch at Cosmic Coconut.
This necklace from etsy is like a dream come true, and if I wasn't saving up to buy a car I would snatch it up and wear it everyday.
I saw this pin on Pinterest last night and it made me laugh so hard, I don't know why.

The Zoe Report delivered these lovelies to my inbox this morning, making me gasp with fascination and also puzzlement because I will (probably) never spend $1695 on shoes.  But if I were- these are them.
YSL Cardinal Suede Moccasins in Mint.



  1. You heart green. Loving all the things. Especially those shoes, that necklace, and the adorable (hedge) hog.

  2. girlfriend it is not easy being green!! i like this this wa sa cute post

  3. Green's my favorite color :)


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