January 30, 2012

seeing red + bad boots

 {blazer: thrifted | top: LB | leggings: target | belt: dots | boots: nine west | necklace: gift}

Love my red blazer, wish I could wear it more often.  It's not that it is particularly hard to style, but 1 out of every 4 outfits makes me feel like a frumpy dumpy in it.  I am glad that this tunic allowed me to make the red in it POP by adding the blazer.

Now, these boots were a glorious purchase, but after wearing them for the first few days they made my right foot ache.  Like I am talking about shooting pain in the arch of my right foot.  So, they are solely saved for short trips, until I invest in some inserts or something. YIKES!
I am all for suffering for beauty/fashion/a date with Ryan Gosling, but come on... it's not worth tendonitis or anything.
Anyone had a similar experience?
Hope you all are having the most glorious day... I will- once I change it to the comfy pillow that is my Ugg boots. Hollllerrrrr.


  1. i love your red blazer. red is definitely one of the best colors to make an outfit pop, and it really looks good on you!

  2. Thanks, Jill! Red makes me feel sassy, and I will definitely take all of the sass I can get!

  3. Noooo! Uncomfortable boots! Bummer. This look is so cute.

  4. I have boots like that--but they hurt me on my left foot instead of right. I save those pair for short bursts of walking and standing too--they're super cute, but not to the point that I'll break my back for them.


  5. Ahem. Where are my Monday must reads? Jk love the blazer.

  6. cute outfit!!
    sorry your package didnt make it to you in time :( i asked when i sent it and they said it would have gotten there before today.

    im excited to get mine :)
    happy february!!

  7. I hope to get your stuff out to you in a few days! I am a little behind now, but I want to make sure it's as amazing as you deserve! Then we can pick a day to both post what we got!? How does that sound?

  8. That's EXACTLY what I have!!!! I hope some inserts will fix my issues, because these are a new and favorite purchase of mine!

  9. Thanks! I love how grown up and playful it looks at the same time... come to think of it that would also (kinda) describe my personality. :)

  10. Crossing my fingers for you! I have some inserts too and they save so much of my pain when I wear some of my shoes.


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