February 1, 2012

good news + (kinda sorta) bad news

Good news/Bad news... 
Which to share first?
GOOD NEWS, obviously!
I am so (so so so so so so) excited that that it is February.  I really was not a fan of January, and the second month of 2012 offers much more promise in my eyes!  Now that I have my own wheels (more on that below)... I can get back in a OOTD routine.  But to be honest, living out of a suitcase for 2 weeks didn't leave much to capture.
Buying a new car was a tumultuous experience, and with lots of patience and kindness from my family (and my employers) I finally found one to bring home!
Loosing the Jeep was a hard thing, especially when it was so unexpected, but I am completely prepared to welcome the Pilot in to my life with open arms (and hopefully less gas money)
top: new car, honda pilot. bottom left: promising fortune, bottom right: bye bye jeep

I guess the (kinda sorta) bad news is served with a sprinkle of good on top. 
 (What can I say? I'm a die hard optimist)
I am so (so so so so so so) poor after this month of a wreck/insurance/new car/down payments!
I expected it, of course, but boy does it sting when you check those balances!
I plan on diving in to DIY and recipes to improve and simplify my life in the time I have without shopping or going out to dinner/drinks/brunch/lunch/coffee (I have a problem) to distract me.  I'm going to tackle that bathroom organization that I have been so fervently 'pinning' about... Clean out my closet, maybe sell or donate some things that haven't left the closet in a year... I have high high hopes for Fun February (yep, I'm giving it a name!) and I can't wait for you to follow along with me!


  1. Jess{The In-Between}February 1, 2012 at 10:57 AM

    Your poor jeep. :(
    I need to do a closet purge and either donate/sell on e-bay. Maybe we can swap some stuff for some fun/free new variety. Thoughts?!

  2. Your new header is beautiful and I'm so sorry about the accident. That sucks. I'm glad you found a new ride and eventually the finances will be back to normal. I look forward to the DIY's and the recipes! Two of my favorite things.

  3. Wait, you seriously got that as a fortune cookie?! That is too awesome! I'm very happy for you and glad you are free to roam the streets on your own time again.
    I love your DIY Pinterest board! Oh my gosh, you are going to have so much fun with all that. Good luck! :)

  4. Glad to see you found a car and that you are looking on the bright side! I am sure with your wardrobe you can make some cash on the pieces you don't need. Growing up sometimes sucks but you are right there is always a bright side. Thinkin of you!

  5. Thanks! I wanted a Dodge caliber so bad, but everyone we found either was too much $$, too many miles, or had visible wreck damage.  BUMMER! It just wasn't meant to be.  But I am excited about this Honda! :)

  6. What a fortune, right? HA!  I need to tackle some of those DIYs for sure!  Life is more enjoyable when you are surrounded by pretty things! :)

  7. Thanks! I hope in this time of being broke, I just learn to be more thrifty.
    DIYs and recipes, here I come!

  8. We should totally do a accessory swap! My clothes and shoes would swallow you up and eat you for dinner, but I have tons of purses and scarves and all that stuff that is just not being used! I need to free up some space, so I can actually see it all and be more organized.

  9. Jess{The In-Between}February 1, 2012 at 3:13 PM

    I do not think your clothes would swallow me up you goof. Send any old sweaters my way. Accessories/scarves/etc would be fun. Lets do a closet purge and see what we come up with.

  10. Glad you found a new car (but, sorry about the Jeep).  Hope you post some of your DIY projects!! Looking forward to Fun February!!

  11. Hi Wendy! Thanks so much! Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful FUN FEB! :)

  12. Love the new ride!!! But yes. Being a grown up stinks. I, too, hate this. 

  13. Bekah, congrats on the new car! I am totally looking forward to your new DIY posts!

  14. yay to the new car! i was a year away from paying off my car when i totalled it...GAH! had to get a new car, which wasn't in the plan + 5 more years of payments! finally paid that one off last year. such a relief to get rid of that payment. but guess what...now there are minis' tuition payments!! never ending.



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