February 14, 2012

pink and red, go love!

 {sweater & pants: LB | shirt: vintage | boots: nine west | necklace: dots | flower pin: homemade | glasses: kate spade}

Happy Valentine's Day!
GO LOVE! (clap clap clap)
There are a ton of blogger link ups revolving around pink and red this week, and I was up against a wall.
I don't own anything pink! Shock! Gasp! Meow!

I made this pink flower pin last night, just so I wouldn't be a cotton headed ninny muggins--not participating.  Today is Everybody, Everywear!
Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear
Also-- today is Bloggers Do It Better!

So don your red and pink and link up to these fun features.
Or just scan through the pictures to find something to wear for your Valentine (or your dog!)
Hey... everybody needs somebody to love!



  1. You found some pink!

    By the way, I just now noticed your (new?) header image. Cute!

  2. LOVE.  That necklace is great and the flower pin is just perfect.

  3. THANKS! I felt extremely Valentine-ish with it on!

  4. Girl, I know! I am so happy that making this pin worked out or I would be sad! I sent you an email for WIW! 

  5. seriously, you have the best accessories, bekah! the dots store in my area never has stuff like that :)

  6. Sadly, I didn't participate in this round of EBEW. I just down own enough of the colors to really pull together an outfit. But now that I'm looking at your ACCESSORIES, it's kind of clicks in my head. I'm sure I've got a boatload of those. haha
    Cute DIY flower!! It's just sooo cheerful. :)

  7. I am an accessory junkie.. but honestly I never feel like I have enough! AHHH! 

  8. ALSO! We have three DOTS in a 20 minute drive, so I get the best of three worlds!

  9. I basically cling to accessories for features like this, I don't have a very diverse closet because everything is either neutral OR a pattern.

  10. OMG, love the flower pin! Great outfit!!


  11. GIMME. THAT. PIN. You ninny muggins. ;)

  12. if you're a good girl, i might just make you one booger!

  13. Ohhh, I love it! AWESOME necklace and awesome pin! Looks great against the grey! :)

  14. I'm IN LOVE with that necklace. Super cute!


  15. SUUUUPPPPEEEERRRR cute! I love that gigantic flower! It totally made my day :)

  16. Wow! your necklace is a treasure, and so is that flower pin, eh.

    Cathy@Hearty Nurse Uniforms this Heart Month

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