February 17, 2012

Guest Post: Faye's Book

Since I am letting the good times roll in New Orleans for a few days, I asked some of my closest blogging buddies to share a post with my little chickens.  Heeeeeeeere's Faye!
- - - - -

Hello lovely ladies! My name is Faye and I blog @ Faye'sbook (clever, right?)

I met lovely Bekah IRL when we stood near each other @ a Hanson concert. Also, I hate abbreviations like IRL. Anyway. Once we found each other in blog land, it was love at first post. On my part anyway. If you like it here @ Matters of Merrymaking, you should check me out! I mean, if you're into the complete opposite. No OOTD for me. Until Bekah takes me shopping, that is. My blog often features posts such as Miscellaneous Monday, Tuesday Tidbits, and Word Vomit Wednesday. By that, I mean...I'm totally random. And I like alliteration. But as my about me says -- I won't promise I will be profound, but I will promise I won't be boring.

You may be wondering why I'm here. Miss Merrymaker has gone down to the Big Easy to celebrate Mardi Gras. If she could have packed me in her suitcase, she would have had to make room for this loveliness, too.

Now isn't that a fabulous Mardi Gras outfit?

Actually, no. No it's not. How do I know? Because I've been. Proof:

It's February and that means it's cold. Bourbon Street is absolutely filthy and crowded. The best music and dancing is quite a long walk away (at the gay bars, of course). 

But wait. I'd totally still wear that outfit. Cause as long as you have a few hand grenades and a "huge ass beer to go", you'll be just fine.

Unless you fall down in this.

Have one for all of us, Bekah! Happy Mardi Gras!



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