February 27, 2012

Merry Monday Must-reads

Can you believe that it is Monday already? NOT FAIR!  Is it Spring Break yet?
Hope you have the best Mon(not fun)day! :)
Welcome to the Merry Monday must-reads, a stockpile a list of blog posts, DIYs, etsy shops, and "new to me" blogs that I just can't keep to myself. So gear up and get ready!
Merry Monday Must-reads

A Beautiful Mess | Elsie shared a mah-jah DIY! A Hand Stamped DIY Pony Print Dress! (Someone get on this for me, now!)
Unusual Form | Kara writes a pivotal post on how her shopping ban, keeping to the thrift stores, has her spoiled now!

Postagious | Ellie rocks it in blue and black (I am in serious need of a hot skirt like this!)

Feminine Bravery | Charlie styles the biggest belt she owns and I love everything about it! I think you'll agree she's the cutest thing ever.

The In-Between | Jess is giving away a handmade cowl scarf for reaching 50 followers! It's adorable, oh, and so is she.

Do you have a must-read you would like to see on this list next week?
 Email it to me, little chickens!


  1. I LOVE A Beautiful Mess.  Thank goodness she posts like three times a day, or I would go nuts! :)

  2. Jess {The In-Between}February 27, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    Bekah, you are seriously the best. Thanks for featuring my blog missy!
    Great line-up of must-reads..this seriously brightens my bland Monday. I can't wait to go look at these other blogs you have featured.


  3. Isn't Elsie fabulous?! And I love how she ahs contributors post too! It keeps it fresh and fabulous! Thanks for reading!

  4. No, you are the best! Any time lovebug!


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