February 2, 2012

early morning horror movie

 {dress turned skirt: ross | top: dots | belt: urban o | boots: payless | scarf: LB | attitude: all my own}

Yes, that is the sun coming up behind me, and yes, that is scary fog trying to swallow me whole.
It looks like a pre-dawn horror movie up in here.
Crazy weather in these parts.  Oh, and I keep crazy old lady hours.
I desperately wanted to recreate this look today, but I couldn't find stripes or gingham anywhere clean.
I need to get this closet in order soon, before I have nothing to clean to wear but cocktail dresses or Halloween costumes.
The preschoolers just wouldn't know what to do with Tina Turner as their teacher.
Scarred for life.


  1. Bekah, this is how my morning looked like too!!! but it was toooooo cold to even go out to take photos... You look lovely in red, dear!

  2. Our weather is so warm it's worrysome! It's 70 degrees right now when it is normally 30 in Feb!

  3. Whoa, I love the print of the blouse! And it really stands out on the black maxi skirt<3



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