February 29, 2012

wishful wednesday

happy hump leap day!
we have 366 days this year... meaning 24 more hours in our lives to devote to merrymaking!
here are some things i am wishing for:

the most mature (and delicious) root beer float ever
I am literally counting down the days until this movie comes out.  I get ridiculously excited about horror movies... giddy, even.
The Beale Street Music Fest lineup was announced yesterday.  I am definitely going on Sunday to see Alison Krauss, The Civil Wars, and The Chris Robinson Brotherhood!
More importantly, my baby sister is on the poster this year!
Look for the blonde near the pink part of the guitar!
A star in the making, that one...

Enjoy the extra day this year, cheers!


  1. music fest line up is fantastic. i'm most excited about needtobreathe & florence + the machine on Friday night! :)

    & Silent House looks insanely terrifying. i literally have to change the channel with the preview comes on tv. no way i will be see that! i would cry! haha

  2. Jess {The In-Between}February 29, 2012 at 10:15 AM

    I lovvveeee The Civil Wars. Is this different than Memphis in May?  I may have to go too. Awesome that your sis is on the poster.
    I have a chocolate and beer pairing coming up for work and we are doing a beer float with a Belgian Dark Strong beer and a brownie added in..Can't wait!

  3. It is Memphis in May! Memphis in May is ALL month long though, and music fest is the first weekend. (May 4, 5, and 6) then there's the Italian fest and BBQ fest and all that good stuff!

    and like DUH, you should come!!!

  4. I LIVE for scary movies! It's totally weird, I know! HA! I would love to see Florence, but can't go that night! 

  5. I am way too scared to see Silent House - but I WOULD like one of those rootbeer floats, pleeeeease.

  6. Jess {The In-Between}February 29, 2012 at 10:30 AM

    I see... I want to go BAD. How do you purchase tickets? I couldn't find that option on the link.

  7. Vodka rootbeer float? Please! and that camper is precious! I want it badly!

  8. Vodka root beer float...sign me up, please!!  I want that camper!  Camping is not so bad, we go a few times a year in a pull behind camper and it is surprisingly fun!  I mean I was SERIOUSLY shocked by how fun a campground (they have crafts everyday!) and we camp at the beach...what could be better?!?


  9. HAH! I think I'll fix a thermos of spiked root beer float with me when I go see Silent House!

  10. I know, I may be stopping by the grocery on the way home... dessert and drinks IN ONE!

  11. It sounds like y'all had a ball! When I think about camping I just think about no A/C and tons of mosquitos! ICK!

  12. Ohh that root beer float looks AMAZING - I need one of those. And I wouldn't mind having one right now, while I'm at work :)
    The Other Side of Gray 


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