February 23, 2012

Practically Perfect In Every Way...

{pants: LB | flats: payless | knit top: tj maxx | necklace: F21 | tank: target}
Today's post? Better late than never, little chickens.
New perfect necklace alert! Got this beauty at F21 yesterday and it's bright beads mixed with neutral beads are blowing my mind.  I'm also dying over my perfect new lipstick.  I definitely have found the one everyday lipstick, with the perfect amount of color without screaming too loud.  MISSON: ACCOMPLISHED! Oh, and because I love you here's a video:
I love the "Stuff _____ Say" series, here's Stuff Memphians Say.  It's totally worth a watch.
I found in on Jennifer's blog, but here's the YouTube video:

To my fellow Memphians, my favorite parts: "No one knows how to drive on a road with lines on it, i miss libertyland, calipari isn't even human: he doesn't a soul, i was an extra in walk the line, and the TOP ONE: the dance floor lights up and they only play Michael Jackson."

And I have totally been to Graceland, duh.


  1. I love your necklace! So fun with the rainbow colors. :) Yay for finding the perfect lipstick! I have given up on this and stick to lip gloss.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. It takes a couple of tries at Sephora, but I usually find one that I can't live without!

  3. i love your necklace!!

  4. my fav is  def the dance floor quote!

  5. The outfit has such a fab 80's vibe to it.
    I should not have seen your necklace. I am having such a neon obsession right now and I don't need to lust over one more thing! haha
    And p.s. loved your Mardi Gras recap! Looks like you had a greeeat time! :)


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