February 13, 2012

Merry Monday Must-reads

It's a good thing it is Monday, and I have Merry Monday Must-reads to share with you.
Or you would have to suffer through the alternative:  extreme excitedness and an overshare of my unhealthy obsession with/over last night's season premiere of The Walking Dead.
Consider yourself lucky to get off zombie-free this AM. Cheers!
Welcome to the Merry Monday must-reads, a stockpile a list of blog posts, DIYs, etsy shops, and "new to me" blogs that I just can't keep to myself. So gear up and get ready!
Merry Monday Must-reads

one.  A Beautiful Mess shares a scrumptious recipe for sundae with Dark Chocolate Crepes, yummy yum yum!

two.  Oomph is hosting a giveaway for these amazing earrings.  Enter here.

three.  This Time Is A Charm shares her hair care routine, and shines some light on products that could work for you.

four.  Everybody, Everywhere has a link up on Valentine's Day, this month's assignment? Red and pink together.
Give it a go!

five:  Think Twice Style puts together her favorite sartorial elements and pulls of one of my favorite outfits of hers of all time!

six:  Pinterest introduced me to this cake! I love the rainbow layers, but my favorite part is the Smarties polka dots!

There is a bit of a theme this week, coincidently, for the big V-Day so I hope you enjoyed the sweet reads & the red and pink overload.

Do you have a must-read you would like to see on this list next week?
 Email it to me, little chickens!


  1. awesome! thanks bekah! i'm going to check out these other links!

    [oomph.]Share the Love - Giveaway


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