February 16, 2012

trusty tights + scrambled brains

 I wore this on Monday. Things are a little scrambled in my brain, and between wrapping up this week of school & packing for Mardi Gras-- I feel like I am loosing it! The one constant in my life?  These green tights.
They save the (Mon)day... stylishly.
Here's to you, my olive green wonder garment!
(PS: I have one outfit styled for NOLA! It's at the very end of this post.)

To the newbies and old chickens alike:
I will be having some of my best chickens come by and hang out with you here on Matters of Merrymaking this three (or four) day weekend.  Enjoy! And if you're lucky, not all of what happens in NOLA will stay in NOLA... I'm sure I will have a thing or twelve to share.
 {dress, cardigan: target | scarf: xmas gift | tights: welovecolors | boots: nine west}

Is it Friday yet?


  1. LOVE your NOLA outfit!!! I also love the green tights, my favorite color!!


  2. Thanks, I am so excited about the sparkle outfit! I am wearing the green tights again for that! LOVE IT!

  3. Your outfits can do no wrong! I adore both of these looks.
    Eeek, have a great time! You're going to look fabulous. :D


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