February 20, 2012

Guest Post: The Blog of Worldy Delights

Since I am letting the good times roll in New Orleans for a few days, I asked some of my closest blogging buddies to share a post with my little chickens.  Heeeeeeeere's Laura!
                                                                               - - - - -

Hi Bekah's little chickens! I'm Laura from the blog of worldly delights filling in for the oh-so-lucky Bekah who gets to go have a ball of a time at Mardi Gras. While she's accumulating beads, I'm dreaming of the perfect outfit to wear I'd don if I were as lucky as she is!

Ideally, my perf Mardi Gras outfit would be topless (I'm kidding, I'm kidding! or am I?) but in reality, I'd probably wear a loose-fitting top to hide all the Fat Tuesday morsels I'd have gobbled up. 

What's your Ideas Mardi Gras Outfit? 



  1. Oh, that is so cute!! And coming from someone who's from New Orleans, you'd be wayyyy classier than most of the other girls there! lol

  2. super fun outfit! i really like that sequined top, and the colors are sooo mardi gras!! throw me some beads!

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  3. my ideal outfit:  the one above! it's so freaking perfect and sparkly with the right colors.  LOVE


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