January 26, 2012

gloomy days + car woes

 {pants: gap | shirt: thrifted | blazer: old navy | necklace: j crew | purse: michael kors}

These pictures were taken in a haste to get out the door today in the dark, gloomy, rainy 7 am morning.
Leave it to my older by age, spunkier in spirit sister to be a dear and get my outfit pictures taken.
Not to mention, she (and her loverly roommate) is housing me and chauffeuring me during this no-car period.

If you didn't know, I was in a bad wreck right before Christmas...blah blah blah, car is totalled.
My insurance company only let me have a rental car for 30 days, and 17 of those days I didn't know if my car was totaled or not. So, long story short... I am behind on finding a replacement car.

Oh, and I'm a poor teacher so my car need stipulations are great and my choices few.
Keep me in your thoughts/prayers/people-to-send-money-to list :)
This merrymaker is severely lacking in merriment as of late.


  1. i LOVE this...the (orange/red??) plaid with olive jacket combo is awesome! sorry to hear about your car situation...will be thinking of you :)


  2. Sorry to hear about your wreck! No wonder you were so happy about that fortune :) I wish you all the best in the new search and most importantly, glad you are OK! 

  3. I absolutely love the green cardigan! I haven't worn mine in a really long time but now I'm pulling it out of my closet and wearing it tomorrow. Nice, Bekah!

  4. Thanks, girl! It's red, just in the really early barely morning light! :)
    I went out on a limb with the combo, but I like how edgy it turned out!!

  5. Thanks, Alyssa! I was so ecstatic about the fortune cookie that day! And hopefully the fortune and a whole lot of prayers will soon be answered! So grateful for my safety and health though!

  6. THANKS! It's so comfy and the perfect amount of worn in, I want to wear it all day! Thanks, Sarah!

  7. I'm sorry about your car! But I'm glad you were safe. Hopefully everything works our. BTW, I love the olive green blazer and the plaid mix. Very cute. 

  8. Oh no. I'm sorry to hear about your car woes, Bekah. I'll be sending you good vibes. And whatever extra money you get from those people who do send you money, please send to my poor self, please :) ps. hey, woes or none, at least you look darling! especially love that necklace!


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