January 18, 2012

wishful wednesday

wishful wednesday: the purchased edition
If you reference last week's wishful wednesday, you will see a range of high prices beauty wishes.
This week you will see a full makeup bag and an empty checking account.
Bad Bekah.

Oh well, I guess if I don't have any money I will just sit around at home looking pretty...

TWIRL gift set found at TJ MAXX for $35, originally over $80/
(Thanks to my sister for spying it!)

Makeup Brush Cleaner, Urban Decay Naked Palette (not Naked 2, but still fabulous!) and NARS lipstick in Heat Wave.
Let's just say I am a huge fan of both!

My third and final splurge were these Nine West (Clara) boots, they were over 50% off and just had to come home with me.

Looks like I will be eating cans of soup and grilled cheese until pay day, but you bet I will be dolled up!
What are you wishing for this Wednesday? In the mood for a splurge?? :)


  1. I just splurged on Nine West boots, too! I'm patiently waiting for my Rachellas to arrive & plan to wear them all over Israel as my go-to travel boot. Woo! And GREAT find on the Kate Spade perfume!

  2. GIRL, I love Twirl & want the Naked Palette so badly, too!!! We're like soul mates.

  3. HA! I know, this is the second pair I have bought with their incredible sale on! (I got the JanaJay style, too!) I just can't turn it down... but my bank account is in serious pain. :)

  4. Ohh, I've been wanting to try out the Nars Heat Wave lipstick so badly! I think I may have to pick up a tube now :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw! 


  5. Ohhhhh Twirl smells sooooooo good! Jealousy!!

  6. Sheri Ann Laza-SchmitzJanuary 31, 2012 at 9:40 AM

    Your thoughts on the NARS lipstick?  I've been eyeing it for months now - ever since I saw a write up about how it is actually a color that looks good on every skintone on the Glamour website.


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